Ice and Icicles

A Photograph by Pat St. Pierre

Photo Credit: Pat St. Pierre

She Whispered Antiques

A Poem by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

In the unquiet auction
a woman who looks
like Jayne Mansfield
wears glasses to examine
antiques, her green eyes
reflected in the crystal
calm, unbroken dialogue
inside her head
over the porcelain rooster
and rosewood desk. She
loves buying cut glass,
delicate objects from
the past, as if they were
her entrance to a dream.
She’d love to buy a house
in heaven, furnish it with
pastels and everything
she sees. The light of a
violet lamp shade, letters
from the forties elegantly
written by hand, lyrical
beauty from unforgotten
eras. She touches a bowl
of carnival glass. A door
in her heart opens.


A Poem by Wayne Scheer
Mojo, the neighbor’s cat,
old, blind, deaf, arthritic,
kidneys failing–
We watch our friend’s
three year-old daughter
while she takes the cat
to be put to sleep.
The child, always happy,
chatters about Mojo
going to heaven
and how butterflies
aren’t made with real butter. 

The Wonder of Yet Another New Year

A Photograph by J. C. Lee

Editor’s note: The final gift for the Tet holiday, a view of glorious wonder, the sun rising over yellowed waters, the rising of man to all that will come in the new year and everything grand that the new year holds in waiting, the pure joy of sunrise and color and, yes, wonder:

Photo Credit: J. C. Lee