A Day of Service

South Africa ended apartheid—the classification of people by skin color (delegating the dark skins to the worst conditions in society and the white skins the best)—ended in 1994 a little under twenty years ago. Yet today in a mall shoppers of all races can come together and shop without any problem or any papers.

Please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iIFqHMOE1g

If South Africa can overcome its racist background, why can’t the United States? Some people call the Martin Luther King Holiday a day of service—but why one day of service? Why not everyday a day of service? Why not find a way to bring happiness to others just like the individuals in the flash mob above did in a nation where two decades earlier there would have been mass arrests because at that time a person of color (and where did this phrase come from–doesn’t everyone’s skin have color?) was not even allowed near a person who was not. And to actually hold hands with someone of a different race? Unheard of.

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