Yesterday’s Empty Space

A Poem by Susan Dale

The wild wings in some spring
Some yesterday
singing spring
Singing April’s restless winds

I, in pink felt coat
hair caught in wind-wings

Afternoon winds blowing about
the decayed leaves
left from winter’s
white romance
when we were us
A winter of
snow dreams on my windowpanes

I, west on the walk
of steps climbing to the moon
You, east
of thirst to a stream

But when winds screeched rain squalls
and shouted shadows
I remembered your stone heart
stone words

You dwelling on my fickle heart
roaming ways

Came a fugitive moment of grace
half visions in wide scopes

One image leading to another

The gauntlet laid
Could we meet in the middle?
of a chasm of armored stars
Or climb tendrils wrapping
around tomorrow?

But only our eyes met
to see spaces filled with duplicitous lights
Tomorrows on winged flights
So many miles apart

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