An Offer of Marriage

A Poem by Nguyen Van Luat

Because of:

Under the green forest, there is a green happy occasion
Making a position of waylaying tiger and flying dragon,
The Young Fellow rises up his hands for declaring:
An offer of marriage starts from his heart flying!

The Young Maiden is astonished, falling some drop-tear
In her deep mind inner feeling, there is a bursting into “Mama!”
To her sweet heart, she honestly accepts the proposal!
A light music is resounded, a sweet song spreads everywhere!

Suddenly, a lot of lighted candle appear in the forest
A number of stars in the blue sky
Along with their parents living on The Earth but on different sides
They are in agreement: together a well-being Universal Roof to live under.

(Editor’s note: This poem is one of the first poems the poet wrote in English. He lives and writes poetry in Vietnam.)


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