I Dreamed I Folded

A Poem by A. J. Huffman

myself inside a box of nonexistence.

It all started with me as a pane
of glass, a window threw which I could see
myself clearly. It was odd, this vision,
the planes of my four sides.
I watched as they collapsed in on themselves –
a feeling I had experienced many times,
but never visualized. It manifested
as a much calmer, more orderly process
than I had imagined. Slowly, I grew
smaller and smaller until I was barely more
than a blip of silver, screaming
in the middle of a white expanse. I reached out
and shook myself. A strange cooing
echoed from the center of this creepy casket
I had sealed myself into. I looked for a latch,
found none, placed myself on my own sill instead,
and waited for the sun to come up.
When it finally did, I cracked,
emerged from the shell of my own cell,
a dove with raven’s wings.

The next morning I woke with no idea
of what it all meant. I only knew I had
an overwhelming urge to fly.

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