Rising for Women Everywhere: V-Day

As activists in 128 countries escalate their efforts and plan local One Billion Rising For Justice 2014 events, our core team continues to create path breaking resources, tool kits, & short films; connect networks; and use social media to activate and engage the dialogue of justice.

Peru is Rising for the hundreds of thousands of indigenous women who were sterilized during the Fujimori regime and for the tens of thousands of women who were raped during the armed conflict and have never received justice.
Farm workers in the US and Mexico are Rising for immigration reform, farm worker, women’s rights and an end to sexual harassment in the workplace.
South Africa is Rising to end ‘corrective rape’ against lesbians.
Guatemala is Rising in support of laws to protect women and to highlight indigenous women and their vision of justice.
Bangladesh is Rising to lobby political parties to bring legislation to protect women.
Los Angeles is Rising to promote rape awareness and sexual assault in the military, engaging courts, local police and sheriff departments.
Haiti is Rising to bring a State of Female Justice to Haiti as defined by Haitian survivors and women’s groups.
The Philippines is Rising against militarization, corporate greed, mining, economic injustice and labor exploitation, and the plundering done by a corrupt government that severely impacts women and girls.
Mexico City, Atlanta, Miami and San Francisco are Rising to Stop Sex Trafficking.
College students in the US are Rising to stop sexual assault on campuses and to hold administrations accountable to properly prevent or adequately respond to the needs of college survivors.

Your participation on 14 February means everything to us!

With gratitude,

V-Day core – Eve, Susan, Cecile, Christine, Monique, Purva, Shael, Tony, Kate, Amy, Laura, Carl, Joliz, Noelle, & Kristina


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