A Poem by Deborah L. Wymbs

Dog hairs and lover’s laundry lint,
Two things not easily gotten rid of,
And a third, images of love making.

He is the words brick and testosterone;
I am the word confused –
He makes me take vacations from myself.

(Editor’s note: First published in Pyrokinection: http://www.pyrokinection.com/2014/03/a-poem-by-deborah-l-wymbs.html )


Greet the day with silence, music only you can hear, no matter where you are, and watch the birds settle down (because they love to watch it in its full majesty, too) as the sun begins its rise its colors echoing from cloud to cloud–even in a pure sky blue beginning.

The quiet and the peacefulness and the feelings of warmth as the sun changes from one color to the next until its warmth envelopes you is a blanket, a caress, a lover’s kiss.

Health benefits to watching the sun rise? I don’t know if there are any, but I do know watching the sun come up is a great way to begin your day.

Inspired in part by Leo Babauta: http://zenhabits.net/10-benefits-of-rising-early-and-how-to-do-it/

The World & You Get Bigger

A Poem by April Salzano

in nearly equal proportions. What I can protect
you from multiplies thousandfold, hands
of strangers, lights too bright, sounds unrecognized.
When I am not there to translate, what happens?
There are pants on your legs, fabric
touching skin, arms around you, unwanted
as a straitjacket. Voices are but noises, meaning,
lost, bounces off walls, comes back more jumbled.
You have grown stocky. Your carbohydrate-bloat
has become a conversation piece.
I want to find the child you replaced, the tiny baby
you hid under the bed when you spread like ivy
in the sheets, taking over the house.
Vines hold my heart, walls eclipsed by climbing
shoots, searching for shade.