Home Fragments

A Poem by Susan Dale


My mother’s eyes
My father’s shroud
The breath of home


Behind curtains of darkness
The candles of truth burn
into time


Reaching out to find
to touch again
An ever-elusive phantom


Colors escaping their forms
Floating free
Falling rosy-red
Into the heart


What has met
To cross my mind
Lingers long
Memories of home


Fingers of time
Pointing to the heavy scent
Of home


Pawprints across the night
Lead me to the
World of all things


Looking back
With half-closed eyes
The smoke and mirrors
of remembering


A place I search to find
In my mind


Walking the chalk lines
Of daybreak
Taking me home


Trickling down
Memories of home


In a world saturated with dreams
Carrying a song
Of forever

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