Monsanto’s Gift List

A Poem by M.Lapin

GMOs have a history of being totally safe.–too many people so please read on

This Christmas do not give me GMO mistletoe,
do not place a wreath of evil on my door,
do not give me the Monsanto version of a Xmas tree,
and definitely do not give me any seeds.

I do not want resistant weeds, dead ladybugs,
a lack of monarch butterflies (last summer I saw three),
more poisons to harm the ecosystem,
more toxins to run into the water supply.

Nor do I want a rise in obesity, autism,
allergies, disease that may come from a change in genes,

Bt, glyphosate, biased research, scientists paid to lie,
journals bought to hide facts to create fictions

What I would be grateful for is a change of heart,
a lack of greed, a gift of love and charity
to help all of those with Agent Orange
(even though the courts said this would not be necessary),

but this is the gift I know you will take a pass,
alas, and say, can we offer you something else?
I guess I do not want a gift from Monsanto after all,
Please move away from my food and my plants.

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