The Advancement of Alternatives

A Short Piece by Korey Brownstein

The year is 2060.

I peer out of the small circular window and take an alternative drug containing ginger to calm my stomach. Home is so close. As we orbit the Earth, space was taking its toll on my health. My crewmembers and I had completed our mission on the moon weeks ago, but during lift-off parts of the shuttle’s exterior became detached. Nothing serious. What was supposed to be a three-week long research expedition to the moon and back was now a mission to make pre-entering repairs. Last week a pod delivered additional supplies and tools for the final repairs. It’s been over a month and I miss gravity. I can feel my joints and muscles hunger for it.

I tell my body, “One more week. I hope.”


I turn.

“…you don’t look so well.”

“Yeah,” I reply weakly.

“You should take this alternative drug. It contains Rhodiola. Astronauts use it as an immune stimulant.”

“Thanks,” I smile and take the bottle in my hand.

Read the rest here:

The Advancement of Alternatives


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