A Poem by Allen Palmeri

I visited Truth in an
old folks home where He had good
things to say about all He
used to stand for in His youth.

“Those were the days for me in
media, politics, schools,
government, economics,
the law and philosophy.”

“But not mathematics,” I
reminded Him. He smiled and
told me a secret He had
been saving for this moment.

“Logic loves math, and she told
me she will make sure two plus
two equals four from this day
forward to eternity.”


A Poem by Allen Palmeri

Somehow evolution made
a human eye with complex
lines, dots, and colors in an
iris fit for an ID.

Somehow evolution made
2 million working parts spin
inside an eye’s infinite
beauty like autumn ablaze.

Somehow evolution made
light strike rods and cones so that
an electric signal moves
throughout the brain for insight.

Somehow evolution made
the family of pupil,
cornea, retina, and
lens dance like dadaism.

Somehow there is sarcasm.