A Child of Hope

A Poem by Kenya Diamond Liddell

I had not seen much I had not been much
My age the only thing mentioned
I had no wisdom I had no voice
I had many friends but no choice
I had much hope
Did not know much of the world
I made it a joke
I did not know cold cruel world
Or of the things that lay awake in darkness
I did not know one day I would have to fight
I was a child of the night
I did not know life contained chains
I found myself Imprisoned for no wrongdoing
I did not know shackles would be placed on my feet
I did not know my mental state would no longer define me
I did not know there was a wrong from right
No way to obtain truth from madness
I could not wake from the nightmare of tragedy
Please Lord look down
Take mercy on me
I was the child of daydreams
I had no aims of destruction
Images turned memories
Life beat me with a whip
A slave to my own mind
Life gave me a horror trip
Now I have hope in my sight
And I live to worship
I was the child of hope
Who Only lived to know Him.