A Poem by Korey J. Brownstein

There is an apple in his hand,
a juicy apple, red delicious, and crisp.
Every time she reaches for his hand,
she feels the skin of an apple
firm, ripe, and inviting.

He always offers her the apple
and she always accepts it, and then
she reaches for his hand,
and he has another apple
and she reaches for his hand

and finds another apple.
How do I hold your hand? she asks.
I do not know, he answers.
An apple on his tongue, an apple
on his head, an apple in his hand.

Our day begins with a flower…

Photo by Korey J. Brownstein

and ends with one that’s as beautiful…


Photos by Korey J. Brownstein

Aisle 60

A Poem by Korey Brownstein

Aisle 1: music plays a pas de deux
I miss my lady
Aisle 2: a gentleman’s Spoken Résumé
the internet dies
Aisle 3: divorce your family
where do I sign?
Aisle 5: a beau monde for gentlewomen
the cheddars gasp
Aisle 7: maps of megalopolises
where is ChiPitts?
Aisle 11: fresh Bhut Jolokia
have it on the rocks
Aisle 13: meat and poetry
I taste The Peacock
Aisle 17: the eunuch searches for his missing piece
that damn Shaunnigan
Aisle 19: cars dressed in dew from the past
let the sun wash it away
Aisle 23: a cure for borborygmus
the cwm without a crwth
Aisle 29: the widowed man paints a new coat
she is in love with the stain
Aisle 31: the lover of politicians
a virgin cloth collects her tears
Aisle 37: materials for a bien-pesant
society will provide a discount
Aisle 41: the sex-crazed Sarvajna
why is the woman I love hiding?
Aisle 43: the six-mile man runs into the arms of rejection
his talking shoes return laughing
Aisle 47: the dancing queens sing
“I like you just the way you are!”
Aisle 53: the imprisoned nametag
what sort of crimes did it commit?
Aisle 59: the city drains
another train drinks and flies away
Aisle 60: the hermetic place
no one shops here