you saved me

A Poem by linda m. crate

bluebirds sing in your eyes
sun stars in your locks
magnolia lips dance their kiss
the birds of you nest
their song in my ears
the eggs of psalms hatching
some song i can scarcely remember;
you awoke in me a need
to cleave the bitterness
hanging it into pomegranate
sunsets that know nothing more than melancholy —
you washed over me hymns of light,
rivers of bliss:
You broke me out of the stone.
Let me sing a song of thanksgiving
and let’s harmonize a better medley
for all the world to hear.


tenacious spirits

A Poem by linda m. crate

purple flowers
poke holes through
winter’s white teeth,
tenacious beasts
unwilling to relent to the cold
of this frigid breath
they seem to say “spring is here
to stay” and i hope they’re
right for winter’s hold was too long
and too lonely to linger forever
haunting me in arcs of broken
light, cracked halos of eerie
bliss entirely misplaced in cascading
kisses of white rain melting fissures
in the soul, sucking out marrow;
winter is like the ocean
oft crueler than he is kind
so for him to be gone, finally would be
a sweet kiss of relief
welcoming a content sigh for my soul
has been held in ice too long