Oh my God! There’s a box for me!

A Short Story by Mary Ellen Ziegler

Oh my God! There’s a box for me!
Right here in the foyer of my 1st apartment!

Who would send me something from Frederick’s of Hollywood?
I see the label with my name spelled correctly for the first time, right there in plain letters
“Mary Ellen”! OMG maybe it’s a joke?

Someone is sending me this to make me feel like a sexy new woman out on her own!

Ok, I’ve got to take it in and open it before anyone else in the building sees it.
Carefully I unwrap the box only tearing the packaging slightly and what do I find?
Slippers – size 10! Pink high heeled slippers with great big feathers all over the top that sway in the breeze with every step I take.

WHO would send me these and get the SIZE wrong? Oh it’s probably deliberate – sending me a size 10 because I’ve gained a little weight – in my feet?!?

Come on…Everyone knows I’m a size 8.

When I Think of You

A Poem by Mary Ellen Ziegler

When I think of you
all I can think of are the first lines of poems
Listen to the lunch bell ring
Dilly Dilly

Visitors welcome
The rain was everything – quenching our thirst
We were laughing monkeys – with nothing better to do
We have no choice but to carry on

Should I die mysteriously
Let it be here – that you remember me
Is anyone taking the train?
Here’s what you do

In case of emergency
call Ashley the Bee Keeper
Don’t forget to breathe – Hello
Like portrait painting, reserved parking, cadmium red.

The Prison Bra

A Short Piece of Nonfiction by Mary Ellen Ziegler

Michael B said my LIFE is a “Performance Piece.” He wanted to know if I’m ready to do it on stage – but I don’t want to be like Harry Chapin’s, “Mr. Tanner,” so I tell him about the guards not letting me in to see my brother in prison because I wasn’t wearing a bra. Cross my heart!

I drove down from Chicago with mom just for a visit that day. Five hours! I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and denim vest. They patted Mom down and she went through to the waiting room, but after patting me down they said, “You’ll have to go put on a bra. It’s a new rule for all women.” We didn’t bring a change of clothes. I said I didn’t have a bra with me and there’s only an hour left for visiting and we drove all this way. Too bad, they tell me, go down the road a piece to the dollar store and get one.

When I get to the parking lot, I meet a pregnant woman talking to a tow truck driver. She had left her lights on and needed a jump. I ran up to her car and asked her if she had enough money for the jump start and could I please buy her bra for $10. I thumbed through my wallet and realized I only had $20. I offered her the money for her bra, she smiled as she unhooked it, slid it out her sleeve, and put it in my hands! I thanked her and ran back into the building swinging it over my head yelling, “I got one.”

When I met mom in the waiting room, the mild mannered, shy woman was pacing the floor asking to speak to the warden. She wanted to ask him if the men were required to wear “cups and saucers” or “jock straps” cuz it must be mighty seductive with all those men walking around there just hanging loose. She’s determined to go back and make a fortune opening a bra shop out front for all the women who don’t know the rules yet – or don’t care.

But I got in and I was able to visit my brother.