For Mike Brown, Boycott Black Friday–Part 2

A Poem by Michael Wymbs

–because people of color are invisible to the powers that be, let’s boycott Black Friday. Even though our skin color is different, we need to let the power structure know we still understand the value and power of the color green.

How does police brutality impact on the dead?

Notice: the police officer never touches his face.

The lesson we must teach those who cannot learn:
this is a gun. this is not a gun.
this is a bag of peanuts. this is not a bag of peanuts.
The lack of capitalization in the above four sentences is not what this lesson is about.

Why: Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford,
Dante Parker, Andrew Scott Gaynier, Dillon Taylor, Omar Abrego,
Diana Showman, Michelle Cusseaux, Joshua Paul, Maria Godinez,
Joseph Jennings, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Benjamin Martin, Wendall Allen

From an email I received: the subject line—
“I’m so hurt. What the f—is this about”