An Offer of Marriage

A Poem by Nguyen Van Luat

Because of:

Under the green forest, there is a green happy occasion
Making a position of waylaying tiger and flying dragon,
The Young Fellow rises up his hands for declaring:
An offer of marriage starts from his heart flying!

The Young Maiden is astonished, falling some drop-tear
In her deep mind inner feeling, there is a bursting into “Mama!”
To her sweet heart, she honestly accepts the proposal!
A light music is resounded, a sweet song spreads everywhere!

Suddenly, a lot of lighted candle appear in the forest
A number of stars in the blue sky
Along with their parents living on The Earth but on different sides
They are in agreement: together a well-being Universal Roof to live under.

(Editor’s note: This poem is one of the first poems the poet wrote in English. He lives and writes poetry in Vietnam.)

Young Bud

A Poem by Nguyen Van Luat

Chồi tơ

Tình em sưởi ấm mùa xuấn trẻ,
Mang nắng chan hòa nhuộm sắc hoa.
Anh muốn gom mưa từ bốn bể
Để em tưới mát những chồi tơ!

Young Bud

Your feeling warms Young Spring Season
As overflowing sunlight multi-colours flowers!
I would like to bring rainfall from Four Oceans
Supporting you in irrigating forest buds by fresh water!

(Editor’s note: The poem is written in the traditional form of Vietnamese poetry translated into English by the author.)