How Monsanto Wastes Money In Times Of Need

By the Admins of Project Agent Orange

Monsanto spent over 4.2 million dollars on stopping Prop 522 from passing, yet it cannot—nor will it—pay any money towards helping Agent Orange victims here or anywhere else in the world.

Our project has raised and spent about six thousand dollars over an approximate eighteen month period.

Let’s see what our six thousand has done:

We are supporting three Agent Orange communities with three farms—one growing fruit trees, another raising rabbits and the third, water buffalo. All three communities have become self-sustaining. None of our groups had clean water—now two have an ample filtration system in place. One member of one of our communities had Agent Orange issues that caused temporary flights of insanity. He is now getting medical help and his issues are under control. We have done a lot, but we still have a long way to go—remember: our mission is to find a way to degrade Agent Orange so the next generations in Viet Nam feel its negative effects less and less. We feel ending poverty within the Agent Orange communities of Viet Nam will go a long way in helping us reach our goal—and so far six thousand dollars has done just that.

Monsanto spent 4.2 million dollars—we the taxpayers will subsidize because the spent money is a valid and legal tax deduction. We asked for ten thousand in our original proposal. Monsanto has not offered as dime. If six thousand can offer so much benefit, can you imagine what 4.2 million would do—here and abroad?

Let me tell you what I feel is a crime against humanity—when a corporation develops a poison, causes havoc around the world, and ends up paying a small amount of money to American vets, but nothing to anyone else anywhere in the world. But they can shell out 4.2 million dollars for a political campaign.