Home Fragments

A Poem by Susan Dale


My mother’s eyes
My father’s shroud
The breath of home


Behind curtains of darkness
The candles of truth burn
into time


Reaching out to find
to touch again
An ever-elusive phantom


Colors escaping their forms
Floating free
Falling rosy-red
Into the heart


What has met
To cross my mind
Lingers long
Memories of home


Fingers of time
Pointing to the heavy scent
Of home


Pawprints across the night
Lead me to the
World of all things


Looking back
With half-closed eyes
The smoke and mirrors
of remembering


A place I search to find
In my mind


Walking the chalk lines
Of daybreak
Taking me home


Trickling down
Memories of home


In a world saturated with dreams
Carrying a song
Of forever


A Poem by Susan Dale

From every pore of earth and sky
a promise to be kept
in a knot
tying together blossom and birds
Sun spirits
curling up on April’s shoulders
and rain shadows
slanting across the earth
a’ tremble with flowers
waiting to be born

Hush pretty petals
Shush, winds in the trees
The willow fronds
sing their green-eyed
lullaby to spring


A Poem by Susan Dale

Winter ringing in high wild notes
Nailed to the earth
Its leaden jaw set until April
Mornings whittled thin
Under a frosty halo sun
Days dripping with snow blossoms
Float in twilight clouds
Faint and pink as infant dreams
Shivering in the wind
Flaring from winter’s nostrils
Bringing in the knobby knees
Of bone-cold nights
With secretive stars
And a slivered, thin-promise moon
Lifting above truth
Rising beyond time

Susan Dale


A Poem by Susan Dale

How far must I travel to find you?
Into the oldest rainforest
Where dwell tree spirits since the dawning of time?

Or deep down inside the bowels of earth
Amongst sleeping locusts and a stream of molten lava
Smoldering beneath earth’s crust?

Past bird song and sunset
Beyond twilight into the darkest night
where even owls are quiet and bats fear to fly
Or down clackety-clack tracks
On a ghost train moaning in the night?

Where have you gone?
I fear into the back of beyond
where winds are fashioned and hurricanes die
Where promises are no longer spoken
And footsteps are silent

Black waters rise around you
And you sink deeper.


A Poem by Susan Dale

Did you stray from your appointed journey?

Or try, but couldn’t?
Or didn’t try
and so walked the path you took
Deemed from birth to be yours

sprayed bullet words
Into an open-air cafe amongst chattering women
An assessment of your life
You did your eight,
You womanized,
Left wives, kids
Other wives: other kids

These the words that summarized your life
But didn’t tell of the demons that drove you.
Nor did any know, as did I
The way you walked on the edge
Between sunshine and shadows
Until consumed by the shadows
To be the shadows
That tried, but couldn’t
Or didn’t try
And so were destined to walk the path
Deemed from birth to be yours.

Particles of Dance

A Poem by Susan Dale

Particles of dance we were
Weaving together hearts and time
Without shackling or commitments
Trailing twilight behind
Riders through the silence of night
We were without nets
Though we were tumbling outside our dimensions
Tambourine rhythms that carried us
Over mirror waters
Reflecting our infant souls riding
A’ front of dark forests
Humming, humming
Winds at our heels
Wings on our shoulders
Past stars falling into galaxies
Within the silence of night did we ride
Our flight from exile
Into a hundred lifetimes


A Poem by Susan Dale

Wrapped in a cocoon of years

Four bare walls and four dark corners
Winter nights long with ceiling lights
Casting shadows

In another room muffled voices
And the sundown houses
I pass
Lights in the windows

Long stretches of highway
a solitary car
behind me
Until it isn’t

Moon puddles in meadows
quick as bars of melody

Lonely seabird winging over waters
flowing outside of time
In the river a boat-horn cries
In the skies the silent ways of stars

And the sun bleats summer afternoons
stretching out long behind us

Sweeps in a solitude
settling in to stay