Why Monsanto must be stopped

A Speech by John Birdno

It was a cold November morning in 1977. This man rushes into the emergency room carrying his 2-year old son. From the look of fear in his eyes, the doctors knew that this time, something was seriously wrong. When they took him from the father, they could actually feel the heat coming from the child’s, now convulsing little body. His temperature was at a piping 106 degrees and the seizures were violent, twisting this child’s body up in ways that the good lord never intended. They gave the child an emergency ice bath, being careful not to send his defenseless fragile body into shock. The father was beside himself, probably more helpless than he had ever been. For those of us that are parents, we all know that there is not a more vulnerable moment in life than when your child is afflicted and you are powerless to help.

Sadly enough, the doctors were used to seeing this young man, along with the other five children he was raising at home. It seemed that every week or so, this man was in the hospital with two or more of his children. All of their illnesses were the same. Upper Repertory Disease. But this time was obviously different. He was used to the low-grade fevers, and the persistent coughs that were by now, simply a background noise throughout his house. He paced the waiting room, wondering if he was going to be able to take his son home again. Riddled with emotion and confusion, he did his best to be strong and fight back the tears. What were only minutes, stretched on like hours as the doctors furiously worked to bring the child’s temperature back to an acceptable level. When the doctors came back in the room, they had the results to the blood tests they were conducting. Now y’all must understand, this was in the late 70’s and medical technology was nowhere near where it is now. However, the tests were solid and they indicated, and I quote “A Virus of Unknown Origin”. Chemical Poisoning.

How could this be? the young man wondered. I mean sure, the kids were always sick but not to this degree. Not to the degree of high fever and seizures. He asked the doctors how this could happen, and to his surprise, they told him that unfortunately, they were seeing a lot of these cases, though not this severe, and have been treating an alarming amount of children in the months preceding. The doctors asked the father what part of the city of Cahokia Illinois did they reside. The Father said, over by the plant. This plant was a MONSANTO CHEMICAL PRODUCTION FACILITY.

As it turns out, the little city was actually quite healthy before this facility came to be but being as this facility offered jobs, benefits (other than chemically poisoning it’s surrounding residents) and a strong financial future for the locals, it was accepted with open arms.

The Father asked questions of his family, neighbors, and friends, he asked them if they had been suffering as well. The answer was a resounding yes. They all wanted to make moves to have the chemical factory shut down, but by then, Monsanto had rooted itself very well by offering incentives to the local authorities i.e. the politicians. It seemed as though as long as the money was rolling in, everything else would take care of itself. Well, according to this father, and his 6 seemingly always sick children, this was not the case.

Due to all of the time this father was missing from work, in efforts to take care of his ailing children, and I believe also due to him raising questions about the harmfulness of the chemicals being pumped into the oxygen supply, he was let go from his employer. This was actually a blessing in disguise because he decided to move his young family to Fulton, Missouri. Miraculously, within just a few weeks of the move, all of the children’s symptoms disappeared. The young child who had the seizures didn’t see another hospital until he was 6 years old. This time, he developed one of the worst cases of pneumonia. Three fourths of his lungs were filled with fluid; in essence, he was slowly drowning. After a month in the hospital, he was finally back to normal. It is believed that this pneumonia wouldn’t have been as severe if the prior poisoning hadn’t taken place.

You may be wondering just how it is that I know this story. The answer is simply this, I was that young child, and it was my father who carried me into that emergency room those many years ago.

Being a father myself now, I can understand how my Pops felt and I wish I could reverse time and make it to where he never had to feel that way. Well, last time I checked, we haven’t made a time machine so that dream is out of the question. But, what’s not out of the question is what we can do as citizens, to prevent other families from having to suffer these tragedies. Point blank folks, Monsanto has to go. This vile corrupt monster has been uncaged for far too long. They have grown to the point now of manufacturing our foods. But it goes further than that. They have enlisted the support of our Senator, Roy Blunt. Roy Blunt played a strong role in the drafting of the Monsanto Protection Act. And our fine president Obama, signed it to law. This law basically grants Monsanto and its affiliates, Judicial Asylum. Basically, they are now above the law. This was a necessary step in securing our nations food interest. Simply put, if you control the food supply, you control the folks that eat it.

Make no mistakes citizens and patriots, this is exactly what they are trying to do. This troubles me greatly because for one, Missouri is an agricultural state, hence the lady on top of our fine capitol here. In this Free country, this doesn’t sound very free to me. Quite frankly, it scares the hell out of me. We must put a stop to this, and this is how. We stand up, raise our questions, demand answers and most importantly, accountability. Their Greed has outweighed our Need for far too long. It’s time to take it back. It’s time to take it back and secure a safe future for our children, grandchildren, and for all generations to come. The Greed has outweighed the Need, and it’s time for it to Stop.

Thank you.

The Birth Defect of Monsanto

A Poem by Birtha de Fect

band aids of breath fleshly blob
intrusive tumors: castrati & anti
revolting and angered—the slur
taking the points from the point
here and now….when and ahah

despite the death and a dread
enemies mired in mud–where
fingers missing….the worms of
egos out of controls, out of we
calling and calling, no, the sac
taking Monsanto’s birth defect