A Letter Poem by Michael Estabrook

Dear Lennie

Because of the awful winter we had here in New England we’ve been enduring a spate of workers in and around the house (jackals, hyenas, vultures, a lion or 2 feasting upon a fallen wildebeest)
Had a new roof put on
And then today having a new ceiling put in the kitchen
And a new floor in the family room
And the walls in the garage torn down and rebuilt
All thanks to the water damage from the monster ice dams it has been such fun
Time to move to a condo I think
I’ll do the painting, save a few bucks that way anyway
Unless of course I fall the hell off the ladder!
It’s all a test you know, God checking to see if we can or cannot stand the rigors of Hell!
Anyway, thought it might be time to check in send along a few of poems for your consideration.
thanks as always for your time and consideration,
and I hope all is well

Michael Estabrook

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