Snowflake #4

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

My son’s in love with Snowflake #4,
A twister, a dancer, a skater on parade,
A mini-skirted package of pirouettes,
Whirling, twirling, gyrating to the tune,
Just to the left of the Snow Queen in back.
He is watching her, wide-eyed again,
A Disneyland Winter Spectacular.

She decorates his dreamy show,
While he is longing for much more,
Something he does not yet know,
My son’s in love with Snowflake #4.

While all of this was going on,
I just smiled most knowingly,
And open-mouthed I stare and dream,
Recalling early love: red-haired Fairy #3.

But much has changed since ‘fifty-five,
The Happiest Place has grown since then.
So have I, though aging not so nearly well.
My Fairy of reality has become my Queen.
Flirtations now are only memory as I’m
Surrounded by a brace of grands begging
To visit Disney’s Magic Winter Kingdom.

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