Passing Time and Getting Something Done

Somethng from Rob, Emma, Taren and the rest of the team

Rob: i’ve just had a very interesting convo with an informant about the geography of the google campus. this might be difficult. apparently there’s no like main entrance…
Rob: or parking lot
Rob: or central point
Rob: it’s all very spread out
Taren: this makes skywriting more appealing
Kaytee: or a hot air balloon, or coax Google’s famous grass-mowing goats to eat a message into the grass
Emma: or a plane with a giant banner
Rob: or a blimp
Paul: hot air balloon would be great
Kaytee: or you could skydive into the complex!
Paul: YES
Rob Wohl: maybe a battle between a blimp and a hot air balloon
Paul: you could hot air balloon a banner
Paul: with like a “don’t let us down”
Rob: hahahaha
Paul: or “full of hot air”
Kaytee: omg that’s brilliant
Kaytee: Google: Stop being weighted down by the Chamber.
Paul: yeah!
Rob: hmmmmm
Kaytee: Fly high! Dump the Chamber!
Paul: we could get a hot air balloon flying around, and have people on the ground handing out helium balloons with the same message
Kaytee: that’s potentially lovely
Paul: You can buy hot air balloons custom made! It’s not out of the realm of possibility pricing.
Paul: Could be so much fun.
Taren: blimp is pretty awesome
Paul: that would be newsworthy
Paul: “sumofus executive director drifts out of california as campaign stunt goes awry…”
Kaytee: ha!
Kaytee: that’s amazing
Kaytee: so like, we could have inflatable android costumes
Kaytee: Rob, this could be you!
Rob: hahahahaha
Rob: oh god
Rob: there’s nothing about costumes in my contract
Kaytee: there *should* be 🙂
Emma: hahahaha
Emma: i already had to wear one Rob. I even had to make it.
Kaytee: Claiborne had to wear one too
Kaytee: Paul’s next, after you!
Paul: we’ll get you one with a mask.
Rob: I want a dignity bonus then haha
Taren: but Rob, isn’t your dignity priceless?
Rob: nothing is priceless taren, this is america
Paul: this is fantastic:
Kaytee: wow
Rob: AAAAAAAH! what the hell, Paul!
Rob: That’s gonna haunt my dreams
Taren: ok serious idea
Taren: let’s send this Skype conversation around to our members
Taren: “just in case you wondered what we do with our time other than writing emails to you…”
Kaytee: ha!
Taren: i’m not kidding

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